Used Orig DOLORES HACKENBERGER American Pennsylvania Folk Art Amish Farm Oil Painting (2022)

Orig DOLORES HACKENBERGER American Pennsylvania Folk Art Amish Farm Oil Painting:


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Orig DOLORES HACKENBERGER American Pennsylvania Folk Art Amish Farm Oil Painting

…… Measuring 24” long by 12” wide, this original oil painting on stretched canvas is by the Pennsylvania Folk-Artist, Dolores Hackenberger (1930-). She is often referred to as the “Grandma Moses of the Pennsylvania Dutch country” and has been painting the colorful Amish culture for many years. This authentic Dolores Hackenberger painting is in excellent original condition, with no problems or restorations, and it comes in its original 15 ¾” by 20” frame. On the back is a label from the Florida Folk Art Museum and Gallery. ... You will find that this authentic Dolores Hackenberger Folk Art Painting has been listed without any reserve, plus we give a 100% guarantee that the high buyer will be totally satisfied with the age, quality, condition and authenticity, or all of their money will be returned!

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