Dishonored: Death of the Outsider - All Safe Code Combinations Guide (2023)

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In Dishonored Death of the Outsider most safes that contain valuable items have a code lock on them. Certain doors also require a code combination to be opened. Most of these codes are randomized on each playthrough and will be different for every player. The codes are usually found somewhere in the environment. A few safes also have fixed codes, such as the ones in the mission 3 bank vault for the trophy and achievement “Obsessive Safe-cracker”.

This guide will reveal where to find all the safe combinations and door codes.

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Mission 1 – One Last Fight (1 Safe)

This mission’s only safe is found in the Bookmaker’s apartment across the street from the Albarca Baths. You can either crawl through the window above the guards near the docks, or you can find the main entrance across the street from the Albarca Baths, using the key in the bucket on the shelf outside to unlock the door.

  • Inside the Albarca Baths, you can pickpocket the bookmaker to get the clue to open the safe. The note reminds the bookmaker that if he forgets the combination, he can “tally the books over your desk”. While you may think it’s the win/loss numbers on the blackboard, it’s literally the number of books on the shelf over his desk. You’ll see that the shelf above the blackboard is divided into sections. Count the number of books in each section, and that will give you the safe combination.

Mission 2 – Follow the Ink (1 Door, 2 Safes)

  • The first combination lock you’ll find isn’t attached to a safe, but the door to the Black Market back room. To get in, smash the wooden “Report All Theft” sign that is just to the right of the contracts board, which will reveal a grating behind it that you can use Foresight on. Fly through the vent until you’re in the back room, then fly to the right. On the wall next to the door will be a chalkboard that has the combination to the lock in large numbers. Be sure that you want to open the door before you do however, because if the Black Market operator sees you behind the counter, you will no longer be able to buy upgrades from him, and they’re far more valuable than any of the items that you can steal.
  • The first safe is found in Cristofer Jeorge’s Office, which is on the left side of the courtyard just outside the Dolores Michael’s Bank. Jeorge’s office is the very first building on your left after you climb the stairs to the courtyard. As you enter, you’ll run into two Eyeless leaving Jeorge’s office after having beaten him badly for looking into Ivan Jacobi. Talk to him in his office and you will get the optional mission objective “Slander Ivan Jacobi”. Complete this objective by looting or pickpocketing the key from Jacobi, going to his office, and checking the painting behind his desk. There will be a blood vial and a notebook describing harvesting the blood from his victim. Deliver this damning evidence back to Jeorge and he will give you the combination to the safe.
  • The second safe is found during the mission in Shan Yun’s house. To open the safe, you will need an audiograph of Release Thy Golden Locks, Gloriana which is found in the secure area on the second floor of Yun’s house. The floor is electrified, so you will need to disable it before you attempt to access the display case that contains the audiograph. By getting a dumbwaiter key from one of the servants in the kitchen on the first floor, you can use the dumbwaiter to go up to the second floor where there is a whale oil generator that you can shut down in order to turn off the electrified floor. Go up to the third floor and use the audiograph on the player next to the safe, and it will open.

Mission 3 – The Bank Job

All the safes (and lockboxes) in this mission are in Dolores Michaels’ Bank. The three lockboxes are in the Archives and Lockboxes section of the basement of the Inner Atrium.

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  • Cristopher Jeorge’s lockbox – Find the code on a crumpled note on the floor (“In the Event of My Death”) next to Rubia Campos’ desk on the third floor. (379)
  • Morgan Yu’s lockbox – On the Rags to Riches contract, you’ll see in the description that Yu was talking about how he had 315 coins to his name, which is also the combination to his lockbox.Fun Fact: Morgan Yu was the main character from Arkane’s previous game, Prey, and 315 refers to March 15th, the day that Yu kept repeating at the beginning of the game. Given who’s lockbox this is, it may be mimic matter from Prey. I’d be careful how you handle that.
  • Luigi Galvani – There are two seperate documents that provide the key to this riddle. The first “Note to staff about Dr. Galvani” indicates that his lockbox code is the most important day in his life. The second is Dr. Galvani’s Memoir, which can be found in several places in the game, including on the lower bed of the bunk beds near the lockboxes. In the book he relates his meeting with the infamous Anton Sokolov on the 28th day of the Month of High Cold. Not knowing which month that was, I dialed in 28 and spun the third dial until it hit 7 and opened (287).Fun Fact: 287 was also the code for the safe in Dr. Galvani’s house in the original Dishonored.
  • Bank Main Vault – There are 6 safes inside the main vault. One of them you open with the keys that you got automatically during the story. The other 5 have fixed codes that stay the same on each playthrough. On the third floor of the Lobby, you will find a blackboard with a graphic of The Golden Spiral (Google it!) and a note called “Notes on the Vault Safe Code” attached to it, describing the safe combinations strung together in a pattern based on a mathematical sequence the note calls “Jindosh’s sequence”, after the creator of the vault. The sequence on the board shows 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 which some might recognize as the Fibonacci Number Sequence (Looks like Jindosh discovered it in the Dishonored universe). The Fibonacci sequence determines the next number by adding the last number to the number before it, so after 13 comes 21 (8+13), 34 (21+13), then 55, 89, 144 and so on.
    There are six safes in the vault, and normally each would take a three digit code. Using the Fibonacci sequence broken down into three digit groups, the combinations from left to right should be 011– 235 – 813 – 213 – 455 – 891, however there’s a slight trick to the vault. The fourth vault from the left uses keys to open it, and is in fact the vault that you have to open to advance the plot. The “Notes on the Vault Safe Code” gives you the clue you need to solve the puzzle, indicating that you should “skip the safe locked with a double set of keys. It disrupts Jindosh’s sequence.”
    Therefore the correct codes to use, starting from the door and going clockwise, are:
    011 – 235 – 813 – (skip the safe locked with keys) – 455 – 891.

    Mission 5 – A Hole in the World

  • After you touch the Eye of the Dead God, turn around and in the distance you will see the body of Malchiodi. Loot it for his key, and go back to the locked door to his lodgings. On the wall will be a painting of the Mark of the Outsider, and a lot of other glyphs with numbers next to them. Find the three parts of the mark, and that will give you the code reading from left to right (962).

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What is the safe code in dishonored death of the outsider? ›

The safe combination is 3, 1, 5. If you read the contact details, it's the number of coins Yu had upon arrival in Karnaca, and therefore a number of significance to them.

How do you open the safes in death in the outsiders? ›

Upon close inspection, the Mark of the Outsider is a combination of three runes: the upper left portion, the middle portion, and the right portion. Find the corresponding runes and numbers, and enter them in left to right on the nearby safe to open it and find a Corrupt Bonecharm - as well as Malchiodi's Diary.

What is the combination code in Dishonored? ›

Safe Combinations
2-0-3High Overseer Campbell
(Varies) 8-7-9 1-3-8 6-5-6 6-7-9 6-9-6 3-2-7House of Pleasure
4-7-3The Royal Physician
2-9-4The Royal Physician
6 more rows
9 Oct 2012

What is the code to Galvani's safe? ›

28 7 2 8 seven there we go it's two eight.

What is the code to the safe in Edge of the World? ›

8/10 Winslow Safe Store's Safe
Mission:Edge Of The World.
Safe Code Location:Winslow Safe Store - Cash Register.
Safe Contents:Two Silver Ingots, one Gold Ingot, a Bone charm, and pistol ammo.
Nearby Threats:A guard and an elite guard outside. But no one in the store will bother you.
1 more row
4 days ago

What is the safe code in Prey? ›

Prey Debriefing Room Safe Code: 5150.

How do you burn Milky death in the outsiders? ›

Should Billie decide to complete the contract, Milky's body must be incinerated in the boiler at the far end of the storage room next to the cage room or by throwing flammable liquor at it. Doing so will grant the special action Burned Milky.

How do I rob a black market bank job? ›

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Mission 3 Black Market Shop

Where is Jindosh safe? ›

How to Acquire. To unlock this achievement, Billie Lurk has to open Jindosh's safes inside the Elevator Vault at Dolores Michaels Deposit & Loan Bank during the mission The Bank Job. Each safe has a three digit combination, excluding the fourth which is unlocked by the keys of Shan Yun and Ivan Jacobi.

How do I open Shan Yun safe? ›

Shan Yun's key is in his safe on the third floor of his house. The key to the safe is the audiograpgh "Release thy Golden Locks, Glorianna", found in the gallery on the second floor. Playing the song on the audiograph player next to the safe then activating the micro opens it.

How do I get malchiodi key? ›

Ultimately, he failed and his corpse was impaled on the wall near the Eye of the Dead God, overlooking the entrance to the Ritual Hold. Billie must obtain the key from his corpse if she wishes to release the Outsider from his confine.

How do you burn Milky death in the outsiders? ›

Should Billie decide to complete the contract, Milky's body must be incinerated in the boiler at the far end of the storage room next to the cage room or by throwing flammable liquor at it. Doing so will grant the special action Burned Milky.

How do you rob the black market Mission 3? ›

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Mission 3 Black Market Shop


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